Is So Pretty

Is So Pretty

Again, nothing to do with anything, but just had to share.
Sand under a microscope by Yanping Wang.


Everlasting Pain

Welcome back!

We left off with an explanation of what shingle is. To refresh your memory, it is the disease that occurs when the varicella-zoster virus reactivates. I also mentioned that shingles, unlike chickenpox, is painful. I also tried to be scary by mentioning that the pain might never go away. Insert evil laugh here. Unfortunately, I was not kidding, it is a thing that can happen. Continue reading Everlasting Pain

The Sleeping Virus

Many of us has had it, the lovely varicella-zoster virus. It might not ring a bell just like that but this word might: chickenpox. All of a sudden, you think of the itch, the rash all over your body and possibly your parents yelling “stop scratching”! Others avoided you like the plague, you thought it was the worst thing ever. You might think you are done with that virus, but you are wrong. Continue reading The Sleeping Virus

What is this about?

Hello reader and welcome! You’ve found the most exciting blog available online!

Okay, maybe not. Or rather, it depends. Are you interested in the Varicella-zoster virus? You know, that lovely virus that causes chickenpox? Well this is what this blog is about, in case you hadn’t read the tagline. I want to explain what the virus does to your body and what happens when the virus enters latency. I also want to cover the advancements in shingles treatment. What’s shingles? I’M SO GLAD YOU ASKED but you’ll have to wait for that post.

In hopes to have your eyes on this page again!